Welcome to my blog. I started this in 2014 after being laid off from my corporate job and dedicating myself to the practice of reawakening when I slumber. (See my blog from 2013). In the fall of 2014, I developed 8-steps to getting off auto-pilot, and shortly thereafter wrote my first e-book (Concepts for Peaceful Living), which I’m currently editing to improve readability.

Similar to the Dali Lama, my message is the practice of compassion, love, and kindness. I started this path wanting to make a big splash. Today, I believe the greatest thing we can do to change the world is to show up each day and make little ripples of love throughout the world.

I hope through sharing my journey, I encourage you to connect with your heart and spread love in the world. Let’s awaken in love and awareness of our unity and oneness with all that is.