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Have You Made the Breakthrough You Desire?

The last couple of days I’ve spent some time looking through old journals for writing ideas. Time is a precious commodity, even when one has no job and should have plenty of it. I thought perhaps I might find a shortcut to producing more original content by reading some of my old writings.

Rather than providing me with brilliant ideas, however, reading through old chapters of my life proved depressing. The theme of the same goals, dreams, ideals and periods of insight without breakthrough was scattered throughout my writings over what seems like decades of my life.

I’m including here an excerpt from one of my journals. I will share why it was so alarming after you have read it:

“… too many moments of waking up to slumber again. I am so very tired of my old patterns and my own self-deception.

How to break out? Why are the moments of my change so fleetingly?

I feel frustration – I don’t know what to do, what I want to do – and this sadness is still here. This hopelessness of such a repeated pattern with no clear direction or awareness.

… why is waking up so hard? Because it requires changing life long patterns and enforcing greater self-discipline. It is easier to slip into distraction and numb the pain. And yet so many people seem to be wanting a more authentic life.

The “new age” or “new thought” movement grows stronger every year and those leaders on the cusp of that prosper. And I should be there – how can I differentiate myself and what message can I convey to help? How should that be done? What medium? What message? What purpose?

I see myself before an audience of people and I don’t know how to get there.

What would make my message different and what is my message? What do I want?

I want to help people wake up – to stay awake – to connect from their heart – change perceptions / attitudes. I want to help people to do the very thing I am struggling to do! Find balance, peace, joy, happiness – live an authentic life, fulfill dreams/potential. See beauty everywhere.”

On the surface this writing is beautiful and rings true with who I am and what I want. What was alarming to me is the date of the entry: June 11, 2009.

Have I really lived with this awareness and insight for so many years without consequence? I wrote this over 5 years ago and yet I did nothing. It was as if I had slumbered again.

Reading it, old fears surfaced: What if this time in my life turns out to be just like the others, where I had great intentions but didn’t follow through? What if I just end up forgetting all this again? What if I fail?

Fortunately, I am able to see what is different. My frustration at that time and in many journal entries both before and after was related to my sense of having unfulfilled potential. I quote myself “… deep down I know the true root of my unhappiness is indeed my inability to figure out and follow a more meaningful course for my life.”

This is such a perfect example of where awareness is not enough. Even in recognizing and identifying why I felt unhappy, I did nothing to change it. I didn’t know where to begin or what to do, so I did nothing.

What has changed is my dedication and commitment to the 8-steps to getting off auto-pilot that I am now living and eager to share. Although the steps are not necessarily separate from one another, nor meant to be taken in any kind of chronological order, each is important to create the kind of transformation we are seeking.

Of them all, what I have listed as the last step, is a big part of what is different today. That step is “Taking Action”.

By itself, taking action is meaningless. However, it was a huge missing piece of my life until recently. Six months ago I started my website and blog with a video asking the question “how do I get from here to there?” As I grew in my awareness and understanding, I began to understand a better question is: “what can I do to get from here to there?” As I asked this question, I began to take baby steps.

I don’t know where the path is taking me, but I am committed to keep moving forward. Although I have a destination in mind, I am also dedicated to enjoying the journey. What has changed for me is I am finally listening into my heart’s desire and taking action to make my dreams come true.

If you haven’t made the breakthrough you desire, consider joining me for a free overview of the 8-steps, but more importantly, consider taking some action – any action – to move you in the direction you want to go. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Original Content Please

I suppose it’s possible that every newly budding writer and speaker comes to this juncture of having to choose between writing for a blog that hasn’t yet taken off in popularity and writing for a popular website looking for original content. It’s a shame it has to be one or the other.

It was difficult waiting to post my own writing here until it had been accepted and published elsewhere. The article Stop Trying to Fix Yourself and Start Enjoying Your Life, was originally titled “If It’s Not One Thing, It’s a Mother.” When I wrote it several months ago, I was so excited and had wanted to post it immediately. But then it wouldn’t have been original content.

I wasn’t thrilled about the title change, but it’s clear the founder and editor of the Tiny Buddha website knows what she is doing. Her rationale was the title she picked would generate more “clicks” and was more reflective of my piece. I agreed with the second half of this logic, but wasn’t so sure my title wouldn’t have gotten a lot of clicks as well.

However, now that it’s done and published, I can see Tiny Buddha founder Lori Deschene was right. Based on the response the article has gotten, it seems a lot of people resonate with trying to fix ourselves. And a lot of people could relate to my story.

Being published on a website that has 1.5 million friends and followers certainly has given my dream of being a writer and speaker some traction. Of course, my dear mother is still asking how I’m making a living, and won’t be convinced this dream life is a good thing until I do. Having followers or Facebook Page “likes” isn’t going to pay the mortgage.

My head is full of original content and yet none of what I write and talk about is unique. This was actually an obstacle I had to overcome when I first started this journey.

Who am I to …?” and “What’s so new about what I’ve got to share?” were two blocks I had to work through early on.

I managed to recognize we need all the people we can get out in the world helping each other find peace, love, joy and happiness; so I got past the “Who am I” question. We also need all the people we can get to follow their dreams. I need you to advocate for better healthcare, a better system for our elderly, food for children and shelter for animals. If we each followed our calling, we can change the world.

Although what I have to share has been and is being shared by so many others, I realized it didn’t matter because each of us has our own unique voice. The way I put words together and express myself may reach some people who didn’t relate to or fully understand the same message told by someone else.

There are times I am on-line and I see how many other people are writing, speaking – and, dare I use the word “teaching” – the same sort of thing I am, and it overwhelms me. I worry about how I’m going to break into a field already saturated and overcrowded. But then I remember MY OWN TEACHING and I shift my focus to what it is I want to create.

You see, if I keep looking at all the other people here sharing information via the www … and I start feeling I’m in competition for your attention … well, then I’ve bought into limitation. We live in a vast and limitless universe. There are so many of us who are hungry for some kind of relief to the suffering of this human condition.

I will not claim to have all the answers, but I most certainly have learned how to redirect my focus and my life. It’s an ongoing process and yet the more I live in the truths I am sharing, the better my life is becoming.

Each one of us is original content. Let your light shine. Find the people who speak to your soul, who help you grow and expand, and celebrate your life! Step out in the world and share your unique gift because we need you. I need you. Your heart’s desire needs you.

Be original content … please.

Beyond Resolutions

If you read my last blog, you know I’m not big on New Year’s resolutions. It’s about this time of month I start getting sick of seeing articles and advertisements centered around the topic. Of course, it could be said this is just another one based on the title; however, I’ll let you be the judge of that.

The potential downside of so much focus on resolutions is the 92% of us who fail to keep ours can end up feeling pretty lousy. If you’ve already cheated on your self-promise, then you know what I’m talking about. Or maybe you didn’t bother to make any this year. I get that.

For those of us with a history of beating ourselves up for self-perceived failures, adding to the list isn’t very appealing. However, I suspect many of us are equally resistant to letting go of our ideals of self-improvement entirely. I think that’s why there is such popularity around how to keep our resolutions: we walk a fine balance between wanting and not wanting them.

For me, self-change has been a life long pursuit, and not something I’ve paid homage to just at the beginning of the year. I have little doubt it all started from a belief there was something wrong with me (maybe many somethings). Being a self-help junkie for so many years certainly nurtured that seed, although it’s like a weed that can grow just fine on its own.

Fortunately, I’ve come a long way; although I suspect I’ll always have the desire to be the best me I can be. Therefore, I’ll always be on the path of self-improvement. It can be a slippery slope if my motivation comes from trying to fix me instead of loving me.

In the process of self-change, I’ve moved further away from looking for motivation and now look for inspiration. I’m still exploring the ways motivation and inspiration are different, however I know inspiration feels more right. For example, I no longer want to be a motivational speaker: I want to be an inspirational one.

With whatever it is I decide to do, I’ve discovered a key ingredient I’ve often been missing is commitment. Intentions and resolutions may work, but commitment is like the super highway of travel. That’s why it’s the first step in the 8-step process I’ve developed to changing focus, getting in touch with the body wisdom and seeing things from a soul perspective. Actually, it’s hard to refer to it as a step at all since it’s really integrated into everything.

This year my commitment is to taking steps towards living my dream. It’s much deeper than any intention and specifically worded so it will be very difficult to “fail.” I honestly believe if I take steps, the path will unfold in the direction I want to go. And I’m committed to enjoying the journey along the way without attachment to any destination.

I believe my last blog mentioned a post-it note I wrote earlier this week; It says “What are 3 things I can do today to help move me in the direction of my dreams?” I may not take 3 actions every day, but it serves as a reminder to keep moving forward. My commitment makes it all possible.

A huge step I took this week was getting my teleclass posted on my website. Starting Tuesday, February 17, I’ll be holding a weekly phone conference to introduce others to the 8-steps which I have found so helpful in my own growth. I don’t promise to have all the answers, but I do know I’ve come a long way!

Visit Your Life Perspective for more information, or drop me an email with questions or comments.

If my message resonates with you, please consider signing up to receive future posts by email, share my Facebook page and pass the word on to others who might be interested. 🙂

New Year’s Resolutions

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve seen a number of articles recently about how to keep your new year’s resolution and the percentage of people who don’t. I think for most my life I’ve fit in with those that don’t, so for the most part I just stopped making them. However, there is no denying there is something about the beginning of a new year that causes one to reflect on the old and want to improve on areas that weren’t quite working.

I joined the multitude of folks who started with a new years day hike. Although the day was cool, the sun shining brightly felt warm. Since this year I did make a commitment to return to a meditation practice, I returned home to keep my self-promise and sat in silence afterwards. I also committed to keeping a journal and so spent the next hour writing.

I had gotten away from meditating, it being one of those resolutions I’ve made off and on over the years at various times and then never kept. As a result, I’ve been noticing when I lay down to sleep, my mind has been kicking into high gear, keeping me awake. Not to mention I’ve been missing the other benefits meditating provides: mainly the opportunity to receive inspiration and guidance.

I always felt like I was failing at meditation because I could not silence my mind. I realized this summer that if I went into the practice with that intention, I would most likely never stay with it; because the mind rarely shuts off. So for me, I’ve come to view meditation as more an opportunity to practice the observer mind, letting the thoughts flow through and out without attaching to them.

Returning to the meditation will be a challenge for me because until I’ve been doing it consistently, it feels like a chore. However, I remember when I was meditating daily, there came a time that it stopped being something I endured and became something I enjoyed. It will be interesting to see how long it takes before that experience returns since I’m starting all over again.

As for journaling, I have a bookshelf full of half written notebooks from the last 20 years or so of my life. Mostly they are pages of personal drama full of relationship angst. At some point a few years ago I got tired of recording my personal woes and stopped altogether. I also got tired of looking back over old journals and seeing some of the same themes written year after year.

Those themes were usually the desire to start meditating, exercise, eat healthy, reduce my drinking, write more, and be an inspirational speaker. Year after year I would intend to do these things and one after another they did not get accomplished. It’s discouraging to see the evidence of what I consider my failures.

So it was with some trepidation that I picked up my pen and a fresh journal and began writing. Would I repeat the same pattern of goal setting and dreams unfulfilled? I think one of my biggest fears would be to read back over what I’d written a year from now and feel that sense of failure again.

However, as I reflected on my life, I realized just how much I HAD accomplished. I generally DO eat healthy, I’ve lost 25 pounds, I rarely drink, I’m writing, and I was the “Master of Ceremonies” at the Dances of Universal Peace New Years Eve program. Furthermore, I’ve already got a talk scheduled for March and am dedicated to spending this year developing my speaking business.

One of the benefits of journaling I had forgotten is similar to that of meditation. It is how things can be revealed from our subconscious that have been hidden. I was writing about how the desire for my dream has to be stronger than the allure of all the distractions life keeps offering up. As I reflected on this, I realized on some level I didn’t really believe I could make my dreams come true. I’d been giving “lip service” to my ideals but not wholeheartedly believing in them.

What a huge “ah ha” to see that it’s no wonder I’ve been undisciplined in working more diligently on taking more steps to move closer to my goals. The burning passion HAS to be there. And I’ve studied the principles of the Law of Attraction long enough to know if I don’t believe it, it will never manifest.

This morning I wrote a note to myself which says “What are 3 things I can do today to move in the direction of my dreams?” Writing this blog is one. I’m not sure if I can count meditating and journaling as the other two, but I do know if I can keep my focus on moving forward, I am another step closer to achieving them.

What steps have you taken today and do you believe you can reach your goals? Understandably, belief is something that is difficult without evidence. However, I am convinced if we keep returning to our commitment to succeed, and take action to make it happen, each day it will be a little easier to believe.