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30 Days of Raw Authenticity: Complete Transparency

I’m not sure why I let my friend talk me into this project, but I think maybe subconsciously I knew I had to renew my commitment to this path. Putting a 3-5 minute video of myself being authentic on a pubic channel like YouTube more or less eliminates any backdoor of returning to the corporate world. Of course, that’s just a story I tell myself that may or may not be true.

I’m only on Day 11 and this commitment has been hard to keep. The recording the day I had been stung by 3 yellow jackets and had taken two benedryl was particularly difficult for me. My inner critic has delighted in having such great ammunition with which to beat me up. My self-doubt is at an all time high.

Yet I remain convinced that this is what it’s going to take. This truly naked vulnerability to the world is what is needed for me to have the breakthrough I desire. I can’t encourage other people to shine their light if I’m not willing to shine my own. And shining my own means I have to admit, show and accept my shadow too.

This is what 30 days of raw authenticity is about for me. It’s about showing up even when I don’t feel like it. It’s about learning to accept my big nose, slightly crooked teeth, middle age wrinkles and graying hair. It’s about not letting my self-doubt stop me from speaking up about how it’s okay to be real.

I am concluding that I absolutely need to get more focused on how I want to serve this world. And by this world, I mean you. The sad part, however, is that I’m not even sure who you are … how do I engage in a way that serves YOU? What am I offering that is of value to YOU?

What part of my message drew those of you who signed up to receive my blog or updates on my website? With this crazy busy world we have, what is it I can provide to help you navigate your journey?

My purpose in being so authentic is to encourage you to do the same. I know I started this blog with the intention of encouraging you to follow your dreams – or discover what they are if you don’t know. I started here so that I could share what to expect and how to overcome some of the challenges, etc. Of course, the journey is still continuing.

Yet, I feel something is missing and I think it is your voice. I wish I could create a way for you to comment, but I haven’t figured out how to do that, however I’ll be developing a survey in the next couple of weeks and I hope you’ll take the time to fill it out. In the meantime, if you are so inclined, feel free to send me an email.

I’d love to have you join my youtube page and follow along as I complete my commitment to 30 days of raw authenticity. Here’s the link to my page: YouTube

As always, thanks for being a part of my journey. Please tell your friends or anyone else who you think would resonate with my message and please do tell me more about YOU! 🙂