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March 30, 2017

I’ve been on a bit of a writing hiatus … not because I haven’t started several blogs, but because I can’t seem to finish them. I confess, I start a lot of things I don’t finish. My laptop is full of half written blogs, books, articles, etc. Often when I’m writing I feel it’s great stuff, but when I go back and re-read it later, it’s no longer so bright and shiny. And so it goes …

A friend of mine recently told me she was invited to an Abraham-Hicks (AH) event and asked me for my opinion. I shared some thoughts with her but didn’t realize she had never heard of them until she remarked: “I have no idea when he lived or how long he’s been gone, but it sounds like it’s some relative who is giving this talk.” I’d been following AH for so long that comment just made me laugh.

“Abraham” identifies as a “group of non-physical entities,” and Hicks is the woman who “channels them.” I remember when I first heard about them in the late 80’s I was a bit dubious. I’m still not sure how much I believe in non-physical entities or in channeling, but the message was something that strongly resonated with me. In essence, you could say it’s all about the “law of attraction,” and “your thoughts and feelings create your reality.”

However, in spite of years of AH study there has always seemed something not quite on target about their teachings. I’m fortunate though in my ability to take what resonates and leave the rest. There is a tremendous amount of good material, however I suspect it’s also a great breeding ground for narcissists with it’s message of “follow whatever feels good.” I sort of get what this message is communicating, but it’s always felt off the mark in some way. Notably if what I felt like doing at the time wasn’t necessarily beneficial to myself or others.

Perhaps part of what didn’t quite resonate was an experience I had in the highlight of my AH days. I as experiencing grief over the ending of a relationship and found myself struggling to stay in a state of positive thinking and feeling. In spite of the corresponding teaching “what you resist, persists,” it seemed the primary objective of the AH teachings was to “think a better feeling thought.” Trying to follow this teaching didn’t allow me to FEEL my grief. I finally had to stop and just allow myself to honor my feelings.

While the influence of some of the AH teachings is undeniably a part of my overall spiritual and theoretical framework, my metaphysical evolution seems be nurtured lately by the soil of loving what is. Here I practice simply observing my thoughts and feelings and allowing space for them to pass through my experience. I’m connecting more with my heart and less with my head.

I still believe we do create our own reality in many ways. However, it isn’t through the manipulation of changing external things as much as it is in choosing our perception. Our ultimate freedom has always seemed to me to be in our ability to give meaning to things and remember that our interpretation is based on our thoughts and beliefs. This requires questioning what we are thinking, how we are assigning meaning, and examining what belief system we are holding.

It is reasonable to assume we ARE creating our reality through the thoughts and beliefs we hold. However, I think it’s not quite so simple as just believing we will manifest a new car or bank account simply by visualizing and feeling what it would be like to have such possessions. This idea can sell a lot of workshops and seminars — and may even be true — but it doesn’t go deep enough for me to fully get on board.

As I’ve moved more into loving what is (thanks in part to Byron Katie, Matt Kahn and Kyle Cease) I’m going deeper and learning more about what joyful living is really all about. And while this loving what is position might seem to contradict the belief that we create our own reality, I don’t think they are incompatible. One might think if we just go around loving everything just the way it is, we wouldn’t then want or need anything to be different. Yet, I think it’s possible for us to love what is and still make choices for something different.

Admittedly understanding this is hard for even my too-busy mind to fully grasp. Not to mention there are plenty of times I’m making choices because I definitely do NOT love what is happening. Yet, I know a lot of suffering and insanity can be eliminated by accepting it is what it is. (I’m aware even this isn’t quite LOVING it, but at least it’s getting close.)

If we have the power to change something, then by all means, we should take the actions to do so. When we don’t have the power to change something, we still have the ability to change our thinking, our perception, and/or our interpretation. We can fight against something we can’t change or we can accept it and figure out what’s next.

In the process of balancing my belief that I create my own reality with my journey into loving what is, I stumbled upon an article by Kara-Leah Grant: Your Thoughts Do Not Create Your Reality, Stupid. While I’m not too fond of her title (my ego doesn’t like to be called “stupid”), her concepts really helped me grasp things on a different level. I absolutely agreed with her conclusion: our ULTIMATE reality is a combination of our internal reality and external reality. Reading her article was a huge ah-ha for me.

A week after I started this blog, I received an Abraham-Hicks email with a quote that made me laugh. It said:

“The reason you want every single thing that you want, is because you think you will feel really good when you get there. But, if you don’t feel really good on your way to there, you can’t get there. You have to be satisfied with what-is while you’re reaching for more.”

So maybe I didn’t quite get the AH teachings completely after all since that being satisfied with what-is part got lost in the translation.

I think we’re not used to making choices from a place of being satisfied with what is. It returns to the loop of “if I’m happy with things the way they are, why would I want them to be any different?” I’m still working out the answer to this question, but I trust that as I continue to incorporate more of my heart into my “thinking,” I might get there.

There is more I’ve been exploring on this topic that I will share in my next blog … so stay tuned. If you have some thoughts on this topic, please send me an Email. I’d love to hear from you!


As always, thank you for being a part of my journey. I share freely so that I may assist those who can relate to what I’m saying. We are not alone — each connected to one another in our own unique and individual ways, a part of a greater cosmos beyond understanding. I am committed to this connection — to unity, to growth, and to love. This, I know.

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