About Me


At age 51 I found myself waking up again from the slumber of consciousness and rededicating myself to getting off auto-pilot and involving myself in a life that I love. I choose to create a world where I am passionate about my work and enjoy each day. I choose to move from surviving to thriving.

The journey is unfolding in each moment. I’ve been studying spirituality and personal development for years but not necessarily putting all I learned into practice. It’s been too easy to be distracted by Life. This cycle of reading, studying and learning … and then feeling as if we’ve forgotten and have returned to unconsciousness has the potential to be a frustrating and painful one.

However, what I have come to realize is that this cycle is LIFE! We are actually growing and expanding with each new cycle. Through increasing our self-compassion and understanding the paradox and paradigms of life we can better implement the tools for personal transformation and finding our passion.

Please visit my website Your Life Perspective to learn more.

I am committed to sharing my personal story with an openness and authenticity that keeps me transparent and inspires others. When we are true to ourselves and come from an open-heart of love and compassion, we can make a profound difference in the world.