Feel the Fear … and Do It Anyway

August 25, 2014

I really get now what some of the other leading edge spiritual advocates have been talking about when they say to feel the fear and do it anyway … especially when it comes to following our dreams. And it really is a different kind of fear they are talking about pushing past. It continues to come up for me pretty full force as I wonder how I can support myself creating a life I love.

So, I’m feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I have to keep reminding myself that it isn’t my job to “figure out” how I am going to pay the bills, but to let the Universe answer this question. This is the most difficult balance I think I’ve ever had to live.

I love the story of the man who prayed to win the lottery and finally one day God answers “buy a lottery ticket!” I know it’s important to take action but I also know the impetus for that action must come from a place of inspiration and not fear. And here I’m talking about a different kind of fear and action altogether.

There is the fear that if we step out of our comfort zones we might fail or be rejected. Posting my youtube video, creating this website, and starting up a Facebook Page are all examples of pushing past that kind of fear and taking action. This is the kind of fear and action I believe I’ve been reading and hearing about.

The other kind of fear and action is like when I’m tempted to frantically look at the job board sites because I start feeling afraid I won’t be able to support myself as a spiritual advocate and student. There is nothing wrong with my looking at the job board sites, however if I’m approaching it from that kind of fear, then I’m acting more from lack of faith and belief in scarcity than the full trust and knowledge of my oneness with abundance.

So, I’m waiting for inspiration and following it when it comes. I’m learning to take action that feels divinely guided (like when I applied for a Retreat Center Director job last week). I’m staying open to possibilities and listening for the impulse of Spirit. Mostly I’m staying true to my journey of remaining awake, sharing the journey, and trusting all the support I need is already here.