Original Content Please

I suppose it’s possible that every newly budding writer and speaker comes to this juncture of having to choose between writing for a blog that hasn’t yet taken off in popularity and writing for a popular website looking for original content. It’s a shame it has to be one or the other.

It was difficult waiting to post my own writing here until it had been accepted and published elsewhere. The article Stop Trying to Fix Yourself and Start Enjoying Your Life), was originally titled “If It’s Not One Thing, It’s a Mother.” When I wrote it several months ago, I was so excited and had wanted to post it immediately. But then it wouldn’t have been original content.

I wasn’t thrilled about the title change, but it’s clear the founder and editor of the Tiny Buddha website knows what she is doing. Her rationale was the title she picked would generate more “clicks” and was more reflective of my piece. I agreed with the second half of this logic, but wasn’t so sure my title wouldn’t have gotten a lot of clicks as well.

However, now that it’s done and published, I can see Tiny Buddha founder Lori Deschene was right. Based on the response the article has gotten, it seems a lot of people resonate with trying to fix ourselves. And a lot of people could relate to my story.

Being published on a website that has 1.5 million friends and followers certainly has given my dream of being a writer and speaker some traction. Of course, my dear mother is still asking how I’m making a living, and won’t be convinced this dream life is a good thing until I do. Having followers or Facebook Page “likes” isn’t going to pay the mortgage.

My head is full of original content and yet none of what I write and talk about is unique. This was actually an obstacle I had to overcome when I first started this journey.

Who am I to …?” and “What’s so new about what I’ve got to share?” were two blocks I had to work through early on.

I managed to recognize we need all the people we can get out in the world helping each other find peace, love, joy and happiness; so I got past the “Who am I” question. We also need all the people we can get to follow their dreams. I need you to advocate for better healthcare, a better system for our elderly, food for children and shelter for animals. If we each followed our calling, we can change the world.

Although what I have to share has been and is being shared by so many others, I realized it didn’t matter because each of us has our own unique voice. The way I put words together and express myself may reach some people who didn’t relate to or fully understand the same message told by someone else.

There are times I am on-line and I see how many other people are writing, speaking – and, dare I use the word “teaching” – the same sort of thing I am, and it overwhelms me. I worry about how I’m going to break into a field already saturated and overcrowded. But then I remember MY OWN TEACHING and I shift my focus to what it is I want to create.

You see, if I keep looking at all the other people here sharing information via the www … and I start feeling I’m in competition for your attention … well, then I’ve bought into limitation. We live in a vast and limitless universe. There are so many of us who are hungry for some kind of relief to the suffering of this human condition.

I will not claim to have all the answers, but I most certainly have learned how to redirect my focus and my life. It’s an ongoing process and yet the more I live in the truths I am sharing, the better my life is becoming.

Each one of us is original content. Let your light shine. Find the people who speak to your soul, who help you grow and expand, and celebrate your life! Step out in the world and share your unique gift because we need you. I need you. Your heart’s desire needs you.

Be original content … please.