Stories Become Our Reality

Becoming aware means we start to hear the stories and the realities we are creating for ourselves. Being someone who is aware is difficult because people are very attached to their stories. It is their version of reality and you don’t just ignore it.

What is so challenging in all this is how easily and how quickly we can get pulled into one of those realities. After all, it appears to be very real and aren’t we just sticking our head in the sand to ignore it? Some may agree with the principles presented here with a “Yeah … but.”

Being aware is catching yourself falling into a story. And that is what our emotions are designed to do. When the story you are living isn’t a story you’d want then you are going to feel discontent. Thus we all go searching for a new book for the answers or go unconscious again.

Most the people in the world aren’t even aware they are telling a story. We often cannot hear our own stories. If what we are saying or repeating is accepted as reality than it doesn’t seem like a story, it’s just stating the “facts.”

Here’s the kicker – stories become our reality and not the other way around. We think we see reality and are describing it. However, in actuality, reality is conforming to our description. It may not be immediately evident, but if we can keep believing the new story eventually external reality will change to reflect it.

Do you like the story you are telling? And if you don’t, why do you keep repeating it?

We have to start changing our stories and putting our focus on what it is we want. And by this want, I’m not referring to a mansion and more money in the bank than we know what to do with. While that is a want of it’s own merit, what I speak of is a larger scale of what type of world do we want to live in.

Everywhere we look we will see support for the reality we have created. The creation of our existing world is so prolific in our conversations and our agreements about what is happening. Our external reality will validate our internal conscious.

The same is true if we are living a life of our dreams. Our external world will then support our version of whatever that may be. Big mansions and full bank accounts, however will not make us happy.

So, what does make us happy? We can have all the wealth in the world but the minute we focus on something we don’t want, we draw that into our world. The same problems and strife will be in our lives because money can’t fix that.

The only thing – and I mean the only thing – that can fix that is our attention. Are we looking at things that we don’t want to create? And of course, how do we get away from them when they are so much a part of reality.

Does ignoring Eboli and ISIS make them go away? Does turning off the news and enjoying the sunset instead mean we are ignoring something we should be paying attention to? Putting our focus elsewhere doesn’t magically mean those things disappear.

What it does mean is we no longer contribute to the energy of them. The more people pulling their attention away from those things the less power or reality those things will have. Sounds good philosophically.

But a gnat isn’t just going to go away. Which is to say that in the story of reality that we are creating, there are going to be bits and parts of what we don’t want. We can spend a lot of time and energy trying to push them out or we can learn to accept them and move our attention to something else.

This is partly why it is so important for people to live their dreams. Because there are those who feel it is their mission and purpose and passion in life to defend against eboli or advocate for elder, animal, equal, or whatever rights. And if that is a calling, then do it.

If you are not, however, called to directly impact and do something about the pieces of reality floating around that you don’t want, then you learn to accept them. It is what it is.

But co-existing and accepting are not the same thing as embracing. And we still have the choice of whether those areas – that we have just decided we don’t personally feel called to take direct action to change – need to be something we want to focus on. If I am not going to be a part of the solution, I am certainly not going to be part of the problem by continuing to give energy to this thing I do not want.

We must simultaneously remember and keep catching ourselves telling and getting caught up into stories of past, present or future that we do not want to live. We must keep vigilant of our assumptions and constantly be willing to change our perspective. Every minute of every day is going to present to us a choice.

It is almost impossible not to get caught up in certain stories. This is why we have a sense of awakening and slumbering. Because when we have gotten caught up into a story we are telling, we have forgotten that it is just a story.

What is your story? Do you hear yourself speaking it and see it reflected all around you. This, you say is reality.

But if we can slowly start to take the parts of that reality we don’t like and turn them around, we can gain momentum to see that we do have an influence on what we are perceiving. As this happens, lo and behold, the external reality begins to change.

It’s so big and so simple but the application of it is a skill that must be learned. It is also a discipline we must undertake. Because for most people, this is not a path they choose.

Simply returning to unconsciousness could seem the easiest path. As a matter of fact, it is what most of us do. We put down the book and pick right back up where we dropped off in our story.

As in meditation with the instruction to return the attention to the breath, we can gently keep coming back to waking up. Waking up means being aware of the stories we tell. It means stopping ourselves from repeating the story of what we don’t want.

Tell the story of what you want and keep telling it. If your external reality doesn’t match, be patient … but don’t let it fool you. Keep on focusing on the story you want to create and watch what happens.

If we think we can never get caught up in the story again, we are fooling ourselves. Because no matter what kind of life you are leading, you are telling a story. We cannot get away from our stories. So tell a story you want to live but don’t forget it’s just a story and you can change it at any time.