The Stories We Tell

It’s official. My cats are more popular than my blog postings. The video of one of my cats in her window seat got 9 “Likes” on Facebook versus an average of 2 “Likes” when I post a blog. Good thing I’m not writing to impress my friends or family.

I actually think my Facebook friends are a bit relieved to see a return to pictures of my cats and more simple things. Probably because all my posts about awakening in love are a bit too deep – or at least too in-depth for the time it takes to really contemplate the messages I’m sharing. Perhaps Facebook is meant to be a medium only for our fast-paced social connecting.

Yet all of what I’ve just written are assumptions and made up stories I’ve told myself. It’s interesting how often we make up stuff to explain things. Then we can get really defensive that it’s the “truth” and forget that they are just perceptions.

What I find so fascinating is how often I don’t catch myself living in that fantasy world. Someone doesn’t email me back, or my phone call isn’t returned, and I’ve created a whole story around the reason why, which may or may not be true. I think we all do this to some extent and most of the time it’s not conscious.

Becoming more aware of the stories we tell ourselves is a great step in re-creating our life. It’s certainly one I’m in the process of remembering so I can be more fully awake. Letting go of what I think may be true and opening myself up to possibilities is a great practice.

I always get excited when I think about how our perceptions, and how we choose to make meaning of our lives, is in direct relationship to the quality of our life. It’s such a simple concept but one I often forget. And yet I believe it’s one of our most powerful tools in creating a life we love.

As I’ve been contemplating what that life looks like for me, I realized it’s the qualities of life that matter more than the content. For example, what I’m doing is less important than bringing in the qualities of love, peace, joy and serenity. So, then I stop and wonder what’s keeping me from having that right here, right now?

It’s been over six weeks since I’ve been “set free” from my corporate job, and while I had a nice short retreat up at a hermitage in the mountains, most of the time I’ve been a bit stressed out worried about my next steps. My days have been filled with a lot of job searching, resume’ rewriting, and LinkedIn activity. Mostly I’ve been drowning in a state of fear while frantically looking for the lifeline of faith to pull me up.

What’s been missing is FUN, TRUST and RELAXATION. I’ve felt like I’ve worked harder unemployed than I did when I was employed. The summer is over and I didn’t take advantage of having a little paid time off while I was getting a severance check.

Granted this sounds like I’m beating up on myself, but really I’m just becoming more aware of how I’ve been telling myself a story. In that story I end up not creating a life I love, not finding a job, and eventually losing my house. Cancel. Clear.

It’s important we tell ourselves stories we want to create, even if it looks like they aren’t true at the moment. Somewhere between the perception of the version we think is true, and the version we want to be true, magic can happen. It starts with telling a different story.

I’m thankful for my Facebook community for reminding me to change the stories I tell. The “Likes” I get or don’t get really don’t mean anything except the meaning I give to them. What is most important is to remember I am my own authority and I can write whatever story I want.