The Power of One Word

In mid-January of this year, I first heard about the movement to replace New Years’ resolutions with a “one word” theme. The idea is to choose one word to live by instead of making a list of resolutions likely to be forgotten by mid-February. It wasn’t a new idea, but it’s been slowly gaining momentum.

I didn’t actually pay close attention to the concept until the end of the month when I received some snail mail from my mom. Inside was a newspaper clipping which detailed the practice and advocated for readers to pick their word for the coming year. Without much thought or fanfare, I silently picked my word and then continued with my day.

Recently I have been thinking a lot about my word and what it means for me to really embody it. You see, my word for this year is TRUST.

Trust the process. Trust the flow. Trust the highs and trust the lows. Mainly, trust that I will be taken care of. As my unemployment ends with no source of income immediately in sight, what stronger need do I have right now than to trust?

If there is truth to the adage what we focus on is what we attract, trust is a good focus for me. Because trust implies that there is nothing to worry about and nothing to fear. And trust me (all pun intended), right now I have plenty of reasons to feel both worry and fear.

So, what exactly is trust anyway? If we take the official definition, it’s an assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something. The some one right now is me and the some thing is God, Allah, Buddha, Spirit, Universe or whatever you want to call the energy that is greater than who we are as individuals.

I trust I will figure things out. I trust as I continue to move in the direction of my dreams and take action to make them come true, doors will open and I will be supported. I trust I am resourceful enough to not end up broke and homeless.

I also trust the Universe conspires to bring me my good. I trust there is something greater than me that has called me to do the work I am doing. I believe support for my journey will be here every step of the way: even when I can’t see it. I trust all will be well.

That is a whole lot of TRUST taking place in 2015 already.

Stay tuned for future updates as I continue my journey … there is much to come and I am happy you are a part of it.

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