Three Friends to Break Up With

You probably wouldn’t call them your friends. However, I’d venture to guess you have the same three fairly constant companions I do. It’s time to break this trio up and find some new compadres!

Meet my friend Rumination. Now, just because he’s a deep thinker is no reason to break up, however, this guy can be a bit tricky. Replaying and obsessing over negative situations and stories can quickly become a habit. Inevitably the result is depression because listening to the same sound track over and over again can be pretty crazy making.

A close relative and oft times frequent visitor is Worry. While Rumination tends to live in the past, Worry is usually associated with the future. The “what if’s” of the world can take up a whole lot of our time and attention. Every now and then I’ll play the “so what then” game with this fellow and play out my worries beyond ridiculous. But Worry isn’t a good bedfellow and will always keep you up at night.

Judgment for me usually doesn’t come as an external friend but more a self-critical fellow. When I stop to think that we are all one then to judge myself is to judge others. So, I’ve been consciously practicing self-compassion as I kick this one to the curb.

These three tricksters steal the present moment and keep us from embracing the now. When I heard someone mention them, I knew immediately they were three friends of mine that I had to break up with right away. So, I’m declaring my intention to rid myself of these miscreants and find some new friends.

Not a typical blog for me today, as it’s a bit different style. But I’m mixing it up and this was on my mind after a conversation last night. I hope perhaps you enjoyed a change of pace … and maybe give it a second thought next time you find one of these three unwelcome visitors!