When Inspiration is Finally Found

Awakeninginlove was started shortly after I lost my corporate job and made the commitment to follow my dream of being an inspirational speaker and writer. I knew I had the calling to share with others how important it is to follow our heart and do work we love. I invited others to follow and share my journey of leaping into the unknown and living on faith and trust that support will come.

…as we align with our purpose we WILL be supported beyond our wildest dreams.

When I first started this journey, I produced a YouTube video asking the question “how do we move our lives in the direction of our dreams and take action to make that happen? How do we get from here to there?” A part of my discussion included an awareness of being taught NOT to dream with messages of “it’s too big, too much, not realistic, etc.” Figuring out what inspires us on a deep personal level is challenging when we don’t think our dreams are possible.

I talked about this as well in another YouTube video on the missing pieces of the law of attraction (LOA). Primarily how it is difficult to visualize and feel what it is we want with specifics when we’ve been conditioned to believe we can’t have it. Personally, I knew I had a calling to inspire others, however I didn’t had a clear vision of how that calling was to play out in real life.

I started Yourlifeperspective.com because I know I’m passionate about the power of perspective. I combined all of my spiritual, self-improvement, and metaphysical understanding into 8-steps to help change focus, get in touch with the body wisdom and see things from a soul perspective. However, something has been missing that’s kept me from the motivation to move that into the world.

Rather than feel frustrated by this, however, I’ve continued to hold to my one word focus for this year: TRUST. I trusted my struggles and frustration were a part of a larger process that was necessary for my personal growth. I trusted that the breakthrough I needed would come when the time was right. I continued to be gentle with myself and did what work I could each day with an open heart.

Little miracles have been appearing all around me and I’ve been recognizing and giving gratitude for them along the way. However, I was still unprepared for the amazing convergence of my personal interests, which have seemed somewhat diverse. There was a magical moment for me when everything came together. It was like a light switch being turned on to reveal what was around me all the time but which I couldn’t see.

I’ve spent most of my professional career in some aspect of services to older adults and I knew I felt passionate about elder care. I wasn’t able to see, however, how this interest had anything to do with my passion to help people understand how the way we give meaning to and interpret the events of our lives directly relates to the quality of our lives. My deep spiritual interest in the power of our perceptions seemed a world away from my professional life.

I have been doing caregiving and had started writing a book titled “5 Months to 95 Years: Discovering the Sacred in Caregiving.” In it I talk about the gifts of caregiving and how being with a baby helps me see things as if I’m seeing them for the first time; when I am with an elder I see things as if I might be seeing them for the last. In this way I have felt alive and present in the moment. This all seemed to be separate, however, from my calling to inspire others.

I spent a day last week providing transportation for an elderly woman who lives nearby. As I drove, one of the things she shared was her frustration with some of the care at the nursing home where her husband lived. I listened sympathetically, remembering my own observations going in and out of nursing homes across North America for my work. While there are many amazing caregivers, there are also some who don’t seem to have this open-hearted mindful perception of caregiving as a gift and honor.

That evening, as I was putting together a website for last minute or emergency caregiving, I came across the following quote by Nancy L. Kriseman: “Embracing a healing presence requires you to just be in the moment together.” I had just written how I considered caregiving sacred and when I saw this quote everything clicked into place. The veil was lifted and the light came on. The idea for Sacred Caregiving was born.

The inspiration that had been missing for me to take the next steps with Your Life Perspective was suddenly there. Using the tools of perception and mindfulness, a training program can be created to help develop Sacred Caregiving. Helping both caregivers who are stressed and need help to continue caring for their loved ones, and those who are doing the work of caregiving without any passion or love whatsoever.

I have awakened in love to this idea and my commitment to creating a national movement and training program needs your help. Please join, “like” and share my new community page on Facebook. If you’re on Twitter, find and follow me at @awakeninginlove.

Share this message and let’s get the word out to make this vision a reality. Thanks for reading and thanks for following my journey. It continues to unfold in surprising and unexpected ways! I encourage you to keep searching for what brings you inspiration and to take the same plunge to follow your dreams and discover the passion in your heart.


Afternote – I pursued this idea and discovered there are already some existing training programs similar to my vision so I have stepped back to reassess how I can combine my passions. Read Pieces of the Puzzle for an update.

UPDATE – After writing Pieces of the Puzzle, I put together a talk on sacred caregiving and explored the path of moving in that direction. The day before I was to give my talk, I ended up spending over 12 hours cleaning my house for some unexpected AirBnB guests. I was so exhausted the day I was to be “on” and give my talk. Fortunately, I remembered that everything happens for my highest good so I looked at what possible gift was present in my feeling so exhausted.

It hit me … “this is how full time caregivers feel EVERY DAY!” I knew in that moment there would be few people at my talk … because if I wasn’t giving it, I sure wouldn’t have had the energy to attend it. I got a sample of what caregivers must feel every day and there is no energy to attend a talk or time to take a course meant to help.

I love the gifts and personal growth opportunities caregiving has offered me. and I will always talk about and share those. However, when I received a second rejection from a continuing care retirement community where I had offered this talk FOR FREE the day after I gave my talk, it became clear to me that continuing in the direction of Sacred Caregiving as a career and speaking platform was not meant to be. As a result, I have energy free now to return my focus to the power of our perception.

I love that I moved in the direction I was called at the time and equally love how I discovered it wasn’t “in the flow.” I listened to this rather than trying to force what I thought was my new direction.